109 w34th Street

KANSAS CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY - Kansas City 1940 Tax Assessment Photographs.

Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri

(image discovered by Ryan Mott- September 2020)

From Google Streetmap, but the deterioration of this building is apparent compared the John Burton's visit 6 years ago. There were rumours of attempts to preserve this and other buildings, but as yet, nothing has come of this. To quote Charlie, Now's The Time!!!

July 2005

On a visit to Kansas City, John Burton, the eminent Parker authority and Chuck Haddix, the equally eminent Charlie Parker scholar visited the previously unknown home of the Parker Family. Kindly they took photos of the residence which appear below. Charlie and his mother probably lived here from the time they arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, 1927, until around 1931. Charlie was at Penn School during this time and it was at this house he probably asked for his first saxophone.

If anyone knows how to place a building on the historic register, please contact me or Chuck!!

109 w34th
John Burton
Chuck Haddix
Chuck again.